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Furniture restoration and upcycling of all styles is our specialty, including new, retro, vintage, decoupage, boho chic, shabby chic, and antique pieces. When it comes to furniture restoration, the Think Upcycle Furniture Restoration team has a wealth of knowledge and a firm belief in old-fashioned service with exceptional craftsmanship. 

Think Upcycle?

Think Upcycle is the largest market for restored and upcycled furniture in the UAE. All of our furniture receives free restoration, so we understand what that entails.

Free design consultation 

Quality material & workmanship

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Free pickup and delivery

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A fully managed service

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Our Process

Contact us
Contact us
Get a quote and pay online
Get a quote and pay online
We will pick up, restore, refurbish and deliver
We will pick up, restore, refurbish and deliver

Step by Step Guide


Paint Job

1. Apply Paint remover
2. Hand scrapping
3. Deep sanding with hand
4. Putty filling & hand sanding
5. 1st coast primer
6. Light sanding
7. 1st & 2nd Paint coat
8. Final clear coat 


  1. 1. Paint remover
  2. 2. Deep sanding
  3. 3. Sealer 1st coat
  4. 4. Hand stain
  5. 5. Sealer 2nd coat
  6. 6. Final top coat spray
  7. 7. 2K coat (optional) 


  1. 1. Light sanding with hand
  2. 2. Quality adhesive application
  3. 3. Quality formica or Veneer
  4. 4. Apply lipping to the edges
  5. 5. Paint touch up 

Custom Upcycling

  1. 1. Apply paint remover
  2. 2. Deep sanding with hand
  3. 3. Sealer
  4. 4. Custom artistic work
  5. 5. Final top coat spray


  1. 1. Assessment
  2. 2. Dismantling
  3. 3. Replacement parts
  4. 4. Sanding
  5. 5. Colouring or staining
  6. 6. Sealer
  7. 7. Top coat spray 

We got you covered!

Think Upcycle have the ability to fix your favourite products. Revive that scuffed coffee table. Give your furniture a new coat of paint. Color-coordinate that flea market nightstand with your bed frame for a unified effect. Repair damaged furniture joints or structural damage. Think Upcycle furniture restoration is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new furniture.

We also provide upholstery service; have your furniture upholstered using the best materials available.

We provide restoration services for virtually any product, including, but not limited to:

Cabinet repairs | Veneer repairs | French Polishing | Staining | Wooden furniture colour change | New MDF tops | Tabletops re-jointed and re-glued | Antique Restoration and repair | Modern Furniture repair | Woodcarving | Moldings replaced | Chair repairs | Woodturning and wooden knobs 

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Our Restoration & Upcycle Work

All our product* from our market place goes through free cleaning, disinfection, touch up prior to the delivery.  We also do full polishing, varnishing, deep cleaning, repairing, and further painting (original colour) where required for all items other than Online Exclusives. Item can be upholstered for additional charge. Furniture pieces can be beautified to your requirement through custom artwork. *T&C apply


All items go through a restoration process before reaching you. Products are upholstered and upcycled on request

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