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    People who have good quality items but unable to sell on other platforms and need to sell fast.
    Large furniture items
    70% from sale price (*excluding any delivery and installation charges paid by the buyer)
    As soon we have an interested customer, we are ready to pick, disinfect, pack and deliver your item.
    30% from the sale price*. Includes, online listing on, marketing, promotion, pickup, cleaning, disinfection, packing, sales, payment collection and transfer to your account.






1. I am already selling on Facebook and other platforms, why should I list with you?

Facebook, Dubizzle and other platforms only provide you an Advertising space. You as a seller have to take care of negotiations, messages, strangers visiting, phone calls, cleaning, disinfection, packing and probably to assist in getting the item to the buyer if they cannot arrange it. At Think Upcycle, you just list and we take care of everything including delivery and installation (no cost to you) via our sales and customer care team. Everyday we receive 100’s of customers in our physical and online store and our experts (product experts, designers, customer services, sales) will be positioning your item with our customers on a daily basis to make the sale.

2. How should I price my item?

Great question. Bottom line is that you want to sell your item. We recommend that you check out similar products on as well as other platforms to know the price range of other items in the market. Remember the buyer has access to 1000’s of products and everyone wants a good deal. Price to sell your item, dropping a few dirhams can make a huge difference to let the item go fast.

3. How can I make my item more attractive?

Adding detailed and good pictures in landscape makes a huge difference, remember the buyer is making a decision based on the pictures so make sure they are detailed enough. Also, add a complete description, including brand, colour, dimensions and anything else that gives buyer comfort in choosing your item.

4. Why 70%?

Typically end customers want a convenient, secure and headache free online sales experience and they prefer buying from a trusted brand. Think Upcycle provides fully managed service from online listing, marketing, finding a customer, promotion, picking, disinfecting, cleaning, packing and selling to the end customer. We try to manage all of that within 30% that we keep from the sales. Your listing is completely free unless it's sold by us.

5. Why do you ask a selling partner to pay an AED100 refundable deposit?

We provide a free collection of your item once we have a confirmed customer order. In order to secure your items and to guarantee our end customers product and quality we request a refundable deposit of AED100. This will be refunded along with the 70% of your payment

6. Under what circumstances my deposit can be retained by Think Upcycle?

  1. If items received do not meet the quality standards and description as per the submitted pictures then deposit will be used to cover the collection cost.
  2. If you decide to withdraw the items after we have confirmed with the customer then we will retain the deposit.

7. What if my item is rejected by Think Upcycle Quality assurance team as it has lots of wear and tear

Firstly, we do not accept any items under Drop Ship+ service with noticeable wear and tear. If the item received requires a repair then you have to collect your item within 24 hours as we have limited space. If you would like us to deliver the item back then our service charges will be AED 250 or the item will be disposed of after 24 hours.

8. How can I be sure that you will not run away with our item and money?

Fair question. We are a registered LLC company in the UAE with 8000 Sqft physical store in Ajman and with a 5 star independent google rating, check out here , If you have any questions do reach out to us on 04 204 9292 and we will be delighted to clarify your queries.

9. My items are not sold, I am in a rush, can you buy my item?

We do not buy items but if you are in a rush of moving and want your items to be picked up then do use our service, service is entirely free and your items can be collected on the next available slot and you will get 20% from the sale price. Speak to our customer services team for more information.

10. How long does it take for you to send my 70% share?

Once an item is delivered, this can typically take up to 10 working days from the time we collect your item as we have to clean, disinfect, pack and then deliver, we will process your payment within 5 working days of delivery.

11. How do you transfer my share?

Just contact us and our customer care team will guide you through. We typically do bank transfer


1. Why do some of your products have a Drop Ship + label? What is Drop Ship + Service?

There are so many residents in the UAE who want to sell their items but do not have the means to connect with the customer, provide disinfection, provide last mile delivery and installation where required . We at Think Upcycle provide a concierge service to the selling partner making sure you receive your items with Think Upcycle quality. We list quality products from qualified selling partners on our online store and buyers only have to deal with the Think Upcycle customer care team to fulfill their requirement.

2. What role does Think Upcycle play in the entire process

When you buy Drop Ship + item we then source from the selling partner,  bring it to our warehouse, clean, disinfect, pack and then deliver to you.

3. Why do you ask for a refundable payment?

To secure your order and to mobilize our logistics and fulfillment team to bring your desired item, we request the payment in advance. This is refundable only if we receive the item and it's not up to the description and pictures that we received from the selling partner.

4. Will you make sure that items are as good as brand new?

Items listed under Think Upcycle are all pre-owned. Take an example, if you decide to buy an item over Dubizzle, the seller will offer an “As is” condition and in most cases you have to travel down, visit, check, inspect and then arrange for the delivery. Seller will also not going to clean, disinfect, pack and deliver the item. At Think Upcycle it's a fully managed service. We do all of that however, items remain pre owned and will have usual wear and tear, we do not say that it will be as good as new but it's worth the value and headache free solution to know we are here to take care of you.

5. If I receive the item and I do not like it, will you refund my money?

No, there is no refund and exchange policy as we send the selling partner their share of money and we are just a mediator to provide convenient, hassle free pickup, cleaning and delivery service.

6. Do you provide installation and delivery services

Yes we do. Rates are inclusive of Delivery and Installation. You only pay one rate.

7. What if my things get damaged?

Our teams are extremely cautious when delivering your items. However, there are sometimes things beyond our control, we will coordinate with you to resolve the issue at hand.

8. What if things do not fit inside the elevator?

We do not carry items via the stairs due to health and safety reasons. However, you may want to arrange this privately. It's advisable to take the measurements in advance and know if this will fit in. Do check out our blog on how to measure furniture for smooth pickup and delivery

9. Can I pay online?

Yes, there are various ways. You can pay online via credit card, bank transfer, cash at the showroom




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