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About Us

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to provide pocket-friendly living to everyone with top quality preloved upcycled household items. 

Our mission is to bring happiness to everyone in the society, reduce environmental footprint and save things from ending up in landfill.

What we do?

We turn unwanted items into: 

  • Affordable pocket -friendly purchases for everyone in the UAE. 
  • Provide a rewarding service to the original owners
  • Provide fully managed services to the buyers and seller from Interior designing, sourcing the products, upcycling, sales, marketing, delivery, installation and funds transfer.

Why we do it?

  • Because we at Think Upcycle believe in: Providing a sustainable living environment by giving 95% of the items that we receive a second life. 
  • A shared economy & Value creation. 
  • Making things affordable for everyone 
  • Owning a huge responsibility to our future generations. 
  • Giving back to the society.

Who we are?

Owned and managed by husband & wife who moved from the UK back in 2008, Think Upcycle was created to turn unwanted items such as pre-owned branded furniture into an affordable pocketfriendly purchases for everyone in the UAE. 

We moved to the UAE and, like many, when we came here we had limited funds to spend on getting everything up and running. We struggled to find a place where we could physically view and find some good quality used household items. Like many, over time, we also moved houses a number of times while in the UAE and faced many problems in selling off items that we no longer required. We found it difficult to cope with non-serious buyers, unreasonable negotiations, privacy concerns to meet at the residence and the list goes on and on… 

As a result, most of the time we ended up calling local waste management companies to offload our goods that we could not sell because storage was expensive. 

We always felt that if someone can collect and refresh these unwanted items, store them and sell them for a reasonable price, it could help society and at the same time make living more sustainable. Unfortunately, it was difficult to find such an option and that where we decided to establish Think Upcycle with an end to end fully managed hassle free service. 

Our mission is to give preloved items a second life by upcycling and to provide affordable living solution to everyone in the society, reducing our environmental footprint & saving things from ending up in the landfill. 

To date, Think Upcycle has collected and upcycled thousands of household items across the UAE. Now also work with local designers and artist to upcycle unwanted furniture into unique, affordable and environmental friendly statement pieces.