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Sustainability and Think Upcycle Sustainable Development Goals

(Presented at UK Pavilion Dubai Expo 2020)

Having a greater purpose to our daily job is critical for our company to thrive and develop. Our collection service and market place are important cornerstones for building a sustainable society based on a circular economy.

In a circular economy, well-being is no longer based on increased manufacturing and goods. Instead, products are shared, rented, repaired, maintained, upgraded, recycled and reused with the help of various services and digital solutions.

Our impact

Think Upcycle strategy is to have purpose in everything we do – to make sure it matters. Our services and business have an important societal and environmental impact. With great impact comes great responsibility and we are constantly innovating to manage our impact in all our business decisions and through our services empowering residents in the UAE to make high impact economic and sustainable choices.

Think Upcycle is built on reduce, reuse, repair and upcycle, it's a concept that older generations lived by and recently gained more popularity as increasing population and unethical business practices starting to drain the natural resources. Think Upcycle plays a role through its junk collection service and preloved marketplace to avoid exploitation of natural resources to provide affordable and sustainable options to the resident

Following gives a glimpse into the carbon footprint of some of the furniture. Every time you choose to buy a used preloved item instead of something new you’re helping the environment.

Buying one used items reduces its carbon foot print by 82%

Think Upcycle Restoration

Every NEW item goes through various stages before it lands in your home or office. 

  • Extraction and production of raw materials and components
  • Delivery of raw materials from the first supplier
  • Energy usage (e.g. fuel, electricity)
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Manufacturing service consumables
  • Business and administration support activities such as sales, operation of the premises, cars and travel
  • Packaging materials, both temporary and permanent
  • Storage of a product on site / or at a associated storage facility 
  • Transportation via ship or air freight including wooden pallets and crates used

Our customers are heroes of the planet:

Every time you choose to buy or sell a used preloved item instead of something new you’re helping the environment. Think Upcycle is a platform that is enabling consumers to save earth's resources through a circular way of consuming.

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